Seaside eco-friendly resort in a garden setting...                                                   
                                     affordable, family oriented, with an open food policy!

Its uniqueness is its mini-zoo with various animals and exotic birds!

Packages and Tours

Bolinao Tourism Destination DAY 1 (OPTIONAL)

 Educational Land Tour - Bolinao National Museum, Bolinao Marine Laboratory, 16th Century St. James Chruch.

Eco-Tour Land Tour - Balingasay River, Bolinao Lighthouse, Patar White Sand Beach, Enchanted Cave.

 Bolinao Tourism Destination DAY 2 (OPTIONAL)

Marine Boat Tour - Giant Clam Ocean Nursery, Fish Cages, , Marine Protected Area.

Land Tour Guide service
Aircon Van (max. 9 pax)

Tricycle (2-4 pax)

Bolinao falls, Enchnated Cave, Bolinao Lighthouse, Patar whitesand beach. (Incidental fees not included)

P1,200.00/per day

Motorized Boat 

                    (1-3  pax)

                    (4-6  pax) 

                    (7-9  pax) 

                    (10-15 pax)                                 



Notes - Tour arrangements should be made at least 3 days ahead. Incidental fees not included. Bring your own snorkeling gears for the marine boat tour.  Prices are in PhP and subject to change without prior notice.