Seaside eco-friendly resort in a garden setting...                                                   
                                     affordable, family oriented, with an open food policy!

Its uniqueness is its mini-zoo with various animals and exotic birds!

Great care and planning was used during the development of Rock Garden Resort to preserve the native trees and vegetation so as to keep the natural ambiance. Why settle for being put close to nature? Here you are immersed in nature.

Rock Garden is secluded along the shore of the South China Sea but conveniently close to Bolinao's town proper for shopping and sightseeing.

We maintain a non-pretentious "what you see is what you get" resort and our guests say it best in their reviews:

  • "Rock Garden is nestled in the lush greenery"
  • "The facilities are not that of a five star beach resort but you definitely get more than what you have paid for."
  • "affordable rate but very high service..."
  • "very nice and clean...friendly staff...very good value for the money."
  • "Great for family with young kids and young at heart."
  • "It's my kids choice..every vacation we stay @ Rock Garden coz my kids love the mini zoo especially the African love birds.."

Make Rock Garden your homebase for excursions to the many points of interests in Western Pangasinan including the HUNDRED ISLANDS that are within an hour away.

Be sure to bring your camera... Rock Garden's zoo, sunset, sunrise, landscape and seascape offers the photo enthusiasts many opportunities to release their creativity.

You can't find another resort with an entrance fee of
only P10.00/adults and P5.00/child for day-tour guest!
... affordable talaga!

...and there is no corkage fee with Rock Garden's open food policy!

Resort facilities and amenities

  • Seashore view deck
  • Open picnic cottages
  • Floating beach cottage
  • Adult and kiddie pools
  • Outdoor garden reception
  • Aircon meeting pavilion
  • Open reception hall
  • Dining facilities
  • Barbeque grills
  • Mini zoo and gardens
  • Dart & billiard hall

Park recreational activities


MEMBER: Bolinao Business Tourism Association (BBTOA) Inc.